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We are honored to help our country’s service members finance their dream home. We offer fantastic VA loans at low rates to those who qualify.

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What Is A VA Loan?

VA Loans are guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. These loans are available to military service members and their families. Little to no down payment is required. Those that qualify can get up to 100% financing.

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Top six reasons
to get a VA loan

No Down Payment

A VA loan does not require a down payment

Lower Interest Rates

Interest rates for VA loans are lower than for other mortgage products.

Flexible Credit Guidelines

Due to the fact that they are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Loans have more lenient credit and income requirements than conventional mortgages.

No Maximum Loan Limit

High loan amount VA loans require a down payment but no limit to the amount you can borrower.

VA IRRRL Refinance

The VA offers a special Streamlined Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL), which usually requires no appraisal or credit to receive.

VA Cash-Out Refis

With a VA loan, you can apply for a cash-out refinance of up to 100% of your property's value. This financial flexibility is extremely valuable.

VA Loan Qualification Requirements

Not every service member can qualify for a VA loan. Below are the basic eligibility requirements:

Length of Service

In order to be eligible for a VA Loan, you need to have served in the military for a minimum amount of time.

Honorable Discharge

In order to be eligible for a VA Loan you must have been honorably discharged. We request a Certificate of Eligibility from the Department of Veterans Affairs when we process your application.

Monthly Expenses

Most loans only look at recurring monthly debt when approving you for a loan, but VA underwriters make sure that you have sufficient remaining monthly income after expenses. This is for your benefit to assure you can afford your loan.

Home Price

VA has loan amount limits based on the county in which the property is located. You may have to make a down payment, which may still be less than on a conventional or FHA loan.

A Customized Loan

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At Delta Lending Group, we believe in personalized banking. We use state of the art technology to make sure that you are advised, included, and supported through every step of the loan process. Most importantly, we take the time to know you and craft products that are tailored to you and your individual life path. Watch the video below to learn more about our unique approach to the loan process.

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